Anti-Umbridge league

  • I live in Britain
  • My occupation is sales assistant
  • I am male
  • Anti-Umbridge league

    Hello, I am Anti-Umbridge league, a bureaucrat on this wiki. As some of you may know, the task of building a wiki is immense, because we must not only create a huge number of articles, but also ensure that each of these articles is of the best possible quality.

    Obviously, with such a huge and important job to do, we need all the help we can get. That is why I am appealing to the people who visit and read our site, but don't edit it. I would ask you to get an account and get editing.

    This community is a site where you can write about The Lost Fleet and its spin offs. Furthermore, it is a perfect place to find other people who share your passion for this fantastic series, and make new friends. With devotion and persevarance, we can build this …

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  • Anti-Umbridge league

    You will probably know this, but this wiki has no active administrator/bureaucrat, which means that this wiki cannot run properly. Without a bureaucrat, promoting other users is impossible, which means editors have little power.

    After talking to Adam Foerster, I would like to nominate myself for the rank of bureaucrat. If I am supported by the editors on the wiki, I will be allowed to apply to wikia for the rights. I think that, with the right ideas and by working together, we can improve this wiki dramtically, however, we also need the appropriate powers.

    Obviously, I would promote all currently active editors on the wiki to at least administrator for their dedication to improving this wiki. Please leave any support/opposition or comments o…

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