Unity Alternate was the name given to a Binary star system within Alliance space. Originally designed to be a safe house for the Alliance government in case the war with the Syndicate Worlds turned against them, where it would be nearly impossible for enemy forces to reach them. The name fell into a myth as the war between the Alliance and Syndicate worlds stagnated, and was used as a joking excuse for why material and personal had not arrived on time.

Unity Alternate was used as the main base of operations by the Defender Fleet, a group of AI ships gone rogue, due to the already fabricated stations there along with the belief that a Binary star system was not a viable location, as jump points fluctuate throughout the system. Unity Alternate also hosted a hypernet gate, through which the Defender Fleet launched attacks on Syndicate held planets. The Alliance First Fleet, under Admiral Geary, arrived at Unity Alternate to stop the Defender Fleet from plunging the two major space powers into another bloody conflict. However, once there the Alliance Fleet found itself outgunned and fighting for it's life. With only one option, Admiral Geary detonated the hypernet gate, destroying the Defender Fleet and the stations in orbit around the planets. Alliance senator Victoria Rione and her husband, Paol Benen, were also killed, when it was revealed that they had stayed on one of the stations Alliance shuttles had searched, soon afterwards the station was destroyed by the hypernet gate's ensuring shockwave. After the battle, the First Fleet left Unity Alternate. Assumingly Unity Alternate is now completely deserted and ravaged after the fighting, and is simply a Binary star system, littered with wreckage and debris.

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