The Third Fast Fleet Auxiliaries Division is a unit within the Lost Fleet which contains the surviving four fast fleet auxiliaries with the fleet. As such, the Third Fast Fleet Auxiliaries Division is arguably the most valuable unit within the fleet, and is treated accordingly. The division consists of the fast fleet auxiliaries TitanWitch, Jinn, and Goblin. The division was initially commanded by Captain Gundel of the Jinn, but following his "promotion" to Captain Geary's staff, command passed to Captain Tyrosian of Witch.

Goblin was destroyed during the Battle of Heradao.

Following the Battle of Varandal and the Lost Fleet's return to Alliance space, the division is reinforced with two more ships; the Titan-class Tanuki, and the smaller Alchemist. Captain Smyth from Tanuki took over division command. All five ships accompany the fleet back to the Syndicate home system and on to victory in the Second Battle of Prime.

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