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Desperate Plea for Help!

If anybody enjoys browsing or viewing the site and wants it to continue, please read this blog.

The Lost Fleet Wiki is a collaborative website about The Lost Fleet that anyone can edit! The Lost Fleet Wiki is the first comprehensive online database about the New York Times bestselling series The Lost Fleet by Jack Campbell.The Lost Fleet is a science fiction novel series by award-winning author John G. Hemry (writing under the pen-name Jack Campbell).

Quote of the Week:

Geary: Victoria, I need your advice, and I value your companionship. There's nothing I can ask of you beyond that.
Rione: My honor is already compromised, John Geary. I have to do what I think is best fromn this point on. And I have missed you. It's not entirely a matter of duty.
Geary: That's nice to hear.
Rione being blunt about her relationship with Geary

New Editors

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Did you Know?

  • The Syndicate Hunter-Killer warships could have been named after a type of attack submarine?
  • Captain Kila once dated Captain Duellos?
  • That Captain Geary's first command was of the Merlon when he was a commander?
  • That ships named Invincible are seen as "unlucky" in Campbell's series, and that in real life, three out of seven British ships called Invincible were destroyed by mines or in storms?
  • That rewriting the main page has taken me nearly an hour already?


  • 18/10/12: The main page of the site is redesigned. Do you like it?
  • 17/10/12: Anti-Umbridge league creates a blog requesting support for a promotion to bureaucrat.
  • The first book in the Lost Stars series is released (article coming soon!)


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