The Lost Fleet: Fearless is the second book in Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet series that was published in 2007.

Jack Campbell has created a believable futuristic landscape utilizing believable physics in his universe of science fiction warfare.
The lost fleet fearlees

The Lost Fleet: Fearless

Plot summaryEdit

This is the second book in the Lost Fleet series that follows the adventures of Black Jack Geary. This novel begins with Jack and the fleet arriving in the Sutrah system. As their detection systems come on line, they detect two enemy warships. Disobeying orders, four of the ships of the Alliance Fleet break formation and charge after the Syndic ships, not knowing that a minefield trap had been laid. Despite Geary's attempt to recall them, the ships fly right into the mine field.

During a meeting after the incident, Geary is indirectly accused of cowardice because of the incident by officers who resent his command of the fleet.

As the Allied Fleet is planning to raid the system for resources, it is discovered that there is a prison colony on one of the planets containing Alliance prisoners of war. Upon liberating the POWs, it is discovered that among them is a former hero of the Alliance, Captain Falco, who believes he and not Geary should command the fleet, and who has secret allies among the officers under Geary's command.

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