The Alliance battle cruiser Terrible served in the Alliance Fleet's Fourth Battle Cruiser Division alongside Alliance fleet flagship Dauntless.


Constructed prior to the First Battle of Prime, she survived the initial assault on the system and was with the fleet when it escaped via jump point. Terrible took part in all fleet actions during the fleet's withdrawal to Alliance space, and remained with the fleet after Captain Falco attempted a mutiny. Terrible and the lost fleet met with the remnants of Falco's mutineers at Ilion, with a large Syndicate fleet pursuing them. Although the Syndicate force was destroyed, an out of control Syndicate battle cruiser collided with the Terrible, with both being completely and utterly destroyed. There were no survivors from either ship.

Alongside the Terrible, fellow battle cruiser Invincible was also lost in the Ilion system after battle damage was deemed irreparable and scuttled.

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