The Midway Flotilla, commanded by Kommodore Asima Marphissa, concentrate all warships controlled by the Free and Independent Star System of Midway. The flotilla operates in star systems near Midway for intervention and patrol. During the more important missions, the Alliance liaison officer Captain Honore Bradamont is present to consult and train the Midway officers in advanced tactics.


Midway battleships and battle cruisers are named after Star systems.


Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Midway Kapitan Freya Mercia Active

Battle cruiserEdit

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Pele Kapitan Kontos Active (flagship)

Heavy cruisersEdit

Midway heavy cruisers are named after mythical creatures.

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Manticore Kapitan Toirac, Kapitan Diaz Active
Gryphon Unknown Active
Basilisk Unknown Active
Kraken Unknown Active

Light cruisersEdit

Midway light cruisers are named after birds.

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Falcon Unknown Active
Osprey Unknown Active
Hawk Unknown Active
Harrier Unknown Active
Kite Unknown Active
Eagle Unknown Active


Midway HuKs are named after sentrys.

Ship Name: Commanding Officer: Status:
Sentry Unknown Active
Sentinel Unknown Active
Defender Unknown Active
Guardian Unknown Active
Pathfinder Unknown Active
Protector Unknown Active
Patrol Unknown Active
Guide Unknown Active
Vanguard Unknown Active
Picket Unknown Active
Watch Unknown Active

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