Midway has the remarkable number of eight jumps points which earned the System its name and strategic value. Under the leadership of CEO Gwen Iceni and CEO Artur Drakon has the star system declared its independence from the Syndicate Worlds as the 'free and independent star system of Midway'. After the revolution star system CEO Gwen Iceni switched her title to president. Ground forces CEO Artur Drakon called himself General and replaced also the titles in the Midway Army. The warships of Midway are under the command of Kommodore Asima Marphissa.

The rebellion of Midway was one of the most successful inside the Syndicate Worlds. Midway was for a long time a place where a lot of high ranking personal has been exiled far from important positions, because their made problems in the syndic system.

The system has a mobile forces facility which can build two Heavy Cruiser at the same time.


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