Kicks, short for Bear-Cows, is the official Alliance name for the second alien race (the first being the Enigma race) encountered by the Alliance Fleet.

Only one Kick occupied star system has ever been found, which the Alliance Fleet came upon on their path through Enigma space. This star system was named Pandora by Admiral Geary at the suggestion of Captain Desjani.

Kicks are a herbivorous and live in a herd-based society. They have a strong herd mentality and are willing to sacrifice many individuals for the good of their race. Their appearance is similar to a bear, but with a cow-like snout (hence the name).

Kick battle tactics are based around strict adherence to formation, providing a solid wall of fire with no gaps, which would repel all attacks and slowly grind the opponent to defeat or force them to retreat. Parallels can be drawn to the tactics used by the Roman Empire, who also relied on standing fast to prevent any breaks in its wall, thereby producing a near-impenetrable wall of shields.

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