Control: Syndicate Worlds (Abandoned)
Hypernet Status: Not Constructed
Orbiting Planets: Five
Jump Point Connections: Sutrah, Corvus, Saxon, Pullien, Cadez

Kaliban is a star system within Syndicate Worlds space. The system was once inhabited, and boasted a number of settlements, shipyards and orbital repair facilities, and mines. However, with the advent of the hypernet system, Kaliban was sidelined, and was soon abandoned.

The system itself consists of five planets, none of which were suitable for habitation. All were either too hot or too cold, and had either a toxic atmosphere, or no atmosphere at all. Captain Geary took the Lost Fleet through the Kaliban system on their flight back to Alliance space. The fleet used their time in the system to restock on raw materials for the fleet auxiliaries, and were also forced to engage a Syndic pursuit force in the Battle of Kaliban.

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