Control: Independent
Hypernet Status: Not Constructed
Jump Point Connections: Midway, Tuvalu

Kahiki is a system on the far side of former Syndicate space with only two jump points: to Midway and an uninhabited system named Tuvalu. It has one habitable planet, comprised mostly of desert, seas, and swamps at the poles, and has a total system population of about two hundred thousand. The population is separated into two cities, one at each pole, and a scattering of towns and orbital installations. Kahiki's most prominent aspect is its research and development labs that had supported the Syndicate war effort and were intended to analyze anything they could about the Enigmas.

Prompted by the bombardment of Kane by CEO Hua Boucher, Kahiki rebelled, in the process ridding themselves of their relatively minor ISS presence and the Sub-CEO in charge of the single brigade of ground forces, Santori. They then turned to Midway for protection and were offered an agreement similar to that with Taroa.

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