For other ships named Invincible, see Invincible.

The Alliance battle cruiser Invincible served in the Fifth Battle Cruiser Division of the Alliance Fleet commanded by Captain Ulan during the final stages of the Alliance-Syndicate War.


Descended from a long line of ships named Invincible, she survived the initial battles after the Alliance fleet escaped from Prime. At Captain Falco's urging, the Invincible was a part of a group of forty ships that mutinied and left the fleet. spite the high spirits the mutineers had, believing that bravery would bring them victory, the flotilla immediately encountered a minefield at the first jump point, and several ships were destroyed or heavily damaged. As the mutineers entered the star system of Vidha, they found a large Syndicate fleet waiting for them, just as Captain Geary had predicted.

Following the failed battle, the Invincible protected the remaining ships of the mutiny and screened incoming attackers as they made their way to Ilion, despite the battleships it was covering being better suited for the task. During which the battleship Triumph and battle cruisers Polaris and Vanguard were lost, Invincible suffered heavy damage, and Captain Ulan was killed.

Upon arriving at Ilion, the Alliance Fleet protected the Invincible as well as the rest of the mutineers, at the cost of the battle cruiser Terrible. After the battle and rejoining with the fleet, Invincible and her crew were given a fleet citation for courageous action during the escape. However, with her propulsion system totally destroyed and her hull at the brink of tearing apart, Invincible was deemed beyond repair. With all useful equipment salvaged and crew evacuated, the ship's power core was set to self destruct by Alliance engineers and she was destroyed.

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