ASN Inspire
Commanding Officer: Captain Sandra Kila (deceased)
Captain Roberto Duellos
Status: Active
Produced by: Alliance Fleet
Technical Specifications:
Hell-lance batteries
Null field projector
Alliance Hypernet Key
Fully equipped intelligence chamber
Alliance Fleet
Alliance First Fleet
Notable Information:
Captain Duellos given command after suicide of Captain Kila

The Inspire is a battle cruiser within the Lost Fleet. Assigned to the Seventh Battle Cruiser Division, Inspire was commanded by Captain Sandra Kila until her suicide after being discovered to be actively attempting to murder the fleet commander, Captain John Geary. Afterwards, Inspire was given to Roberto Duellos, who had lost his previous ship, the Courageous, at Heradao. Inspire became the flagship of the First Battle cruiser Division under Duellos.

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