Hina is a former Syndicate star system under the control of the enigma race.


Prior to its capture, the Syndicate Worlds colonized the system, placing towns on the second planet, in hopes of using it to colonize nearby systems. Following the enigma race conquering Hina and its neighboring systems, they proceeded to remove all traces of Syndicate settlements, despite the great amount of effort that required, before building their own settlements there. Despite the length of time the enigmas have been settling on the planet, their towns are relatively small compared to human towns of the same age.[1]

During their expedition of enigma space, the Alliance First Fleet arrived in this system from Pele, engaging a lone enigma warship that was preparing to jump to Pele. Detecting the remaining enigma ships and hypernet in the system, the First Fleet initially stayed at the jump point for hours before accelerating and going to the jump point to Alihi.


Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught

Notes and referencesEdit

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