Executive Flora Malin was a high-ranking medical officer in the Syndicate Worlds.


While in the medical field, Flora lost her husband during the Alliance-Syndicate War and suffered physical damage which made her unable to have children of her own. When a team of commandos were being prepared for infiltrating enigma space, Flora was assigned to examine and prepare Roh Morgan for the mission. While performing the examination, Flora discovered that Morgan was pregnant and, following procedure, had the embryo removed without informing Morgan of its existence. With Malin unable to conceive a child and with Morgan gone and possibly never returning, Flora had Morgan's embryo implanted, instead of destroyed, so she could have a child of her own, a son named Bran. Flora then had Bran's DNA record falsified so his biological parentage would not be discovered.

Approximately twenty years later, an adult Bran chose to enter the Syndicate ground forces. As he would definitely discover his falsified DNA record upon joining, Flora was forced to explain to him that she was not his biological mother. Around the same time, Morgan returned from her mission and was awoken from her survival sleep. As a result, the Syndicate once again assigned Flora to Morgan, needing to evaluate her psyche before returning her to official duty. Feeling guilty over stealing Morgan's child, Flora had Morgan pass her evaluations, when she otherwise wouldn't, and recommended her for promotion.

Informing Bran of Morgan's survival and return to active duty, she warned her son he may regret seeking Morgan out. Shortly afterward, Flora began suffering from health complications due to the same physical damage from before. Despite her earlier advice, she urged Bran to follow his heart before passing on, causing him to find and transfer to Artur Drakon's unit, where Morgan was stationed.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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