Fast attack craft, FACs for short, are the smallest known type of ships, normally only carrying a crew of one or two people. Replacing the aging short-range attack craft (SRACs), fast attack craft are designed for short range operations, normally staying near planets or major space facilities. Due to their small size, they only have limited fuel, no armor, and weak shields. Furthermore, their only weapons are a single, slow-firing hell-lance and either a single-use missile or a couple grapeshot launchers.

The fast attack craft's main, and only, advantage is their ability to hide in atmosphere. With the right conditions, they could sneak up to invading, lone ships and attack en masse, overwhelming ships with large numbers but suffering heavy causalities.[1]

Syndicate WorldsEdit

Near the end of the Alliance-Syndicate War, the Syndicate Worlds, desperate to stop the invading Alliance Fleet, attached FACs to merchant ships, each capable of carrying up to twenty of them and had them wait for the fleet's arrival. While the ships were equipped with stealth systems, it was impossible for them to hide from the fleet as they were completely out in the open, making the battles effectively a suicide mission.


Fast attack craft are mainly used by Alliance aerospace forces, with squadrons stationed at planets or important facilities. They have been seen being used to corral civilian freighters and passenger liners. When FACs on distant facilities detect enemy forces, they may attempt to fight them if the attackers are weak enough, but, if the force is too powerful, they will instead most likely send a warning to nearby systems and play dead.[2]

Known pilotsEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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  3. Nadia Popova is probably a tribute to Russian WWII pilot Nadezhda Popova a member of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, known, by the Germanns, as the Night Witches

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