Commander Hatherian was an officer in the Alliance Fleet. At the time of the fleet's withdrawal from the Syndicate home system, Hatherian was serving as the weapons officer on the battleship Orion, under the command of Captain Numos. Following Commander Vebos' disastrous performance during the Battle of Corvus, Captain Geary needed a new commander for the scout battleship Arrogant. Captain Roberto Duellos suggested Hatherian, and Geary agreed.

Unfortunately, Hatherian's command was not long-lived. During the Battle of Kaliban, the Arrogant was assigned to subformation Fox Five Two, under the command of Captain Numos. Due to Numos' bungling, several lighter units were caught under a devastating barrage of Syndicate fire. Seeing this, Hatherian quickly positioned Arrogant between the Syndicate forces and the Alliance light units, resulting in the destruction of Arrogant, and the death of Commander Hatherian.

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