The Alliance warship Arrogant was a scout battleship assigned to the First Scout Battleship Division. Being larger than a heavy cruiser, but smaller and less capable than a battleship, Arrogant took part in the First Battle of Prime alongside the Alliance Fleet. Arrogant served as fire support to marine landing units raiding a Syndicate mining facility in the Corvus system, where Commander Vebos endangered several marines by assaulting Syndicate locations. Although no marines were killed, the incident infuriated Captain Geary, who immediately replaced Vebos with Orion's weapons officer, Commander Hatherian.

In spite of Arrogant's new commander, her capabilities were over stretched at the Battle of Kaliban, where she served in one of the formations. During the action, several light ships in the formation suffered heavy damage, and Arrogant attempted to place itself between the light ships and the Syndicate forces. Arrogant was targeted by Syndicate forces who overwhelmed the scout battleships shields and armor and completely destroyed the small capital ship. It is unknown how many survivors were capable of escaping Arrogant before she was destroyed, but with the short time the crew had to evacuate the ship, the number most likely ranges from low to none.

Arrogant proved a bitter reminder to Geary how brittle the scout battleship was, and was only the first one to be lost in the Alliance fleet's journey back to Alliance space, with fellow scout battleships Exemplar and Braveheart being destroyed along the way. Arrogant was also the first capital ship to be lost outside of the Prime system.

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