The military of the Alliance has four arms of the service Navy, Marines, aerospace forces and ground forces.

Alliance NavyEdit

Alliance First FleetEdit

The Alliance First Fleet is responsible for exploration, investigation and liberation of prisoners outside of the Alliance borders.

Alliance Second FleetEdit

The Alliance Second Fleet is responsible for the defense of the Alliance, meaning it will operate solely within Alliance borders.

Alliance Third FleetEdit

The Alliance Third Fleet purpose is for training and repair.


Fleet headquarterEdit

The fleet headquarter of the Alliance is based in the Unity star system. It has a large staff that wants to control the smallest crew actions on Alliance warships. Therefore Alliance fleets running a virtual 'Potemkin fleet' which response to requests from fleet headquarter.

Regional headquartersEdit

Distributed in Alliance space are regional headquarters like in Varandal to supply and repair Alliance warships.

Alliance MarinesEdit

Alliance Marines are regular assigned to Alliance warships to start boarding partys and assist these ships in smaller ground operations.

Alliance aerospace forcesEdit

Alliance aerospace forces operating with Fast Attack Crafts in planetary low orbit and atmosphere to prevent landing of enemy troops. Their also policing this space to control regular traffic like freighter.

Alliance ground forcesEdit

Alliance ground forces garrison border planets to prevent enemy invasions and is responsible for Alliance ground offenses on enemy planets.

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